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Jan 29

Destiel Ancient Egypt Au

This is a basic draft of how I could write it or something like that. Send me your requests xx

“Water!” Dean screamed from his bed chamber. His patience was already wearing thin, and he had just woken up.

"Sorry, sir" bumbled Castiel as he tripped into the chamber, holding a large, copper jar, overflowing with water.

Dean had slept alone tonight, for the first time in a long time, to which Castiel was glad. Cas handed Dean the jar and bowed. Dean sat the Jar on the floor and stood up. Castiel couldn’t help himself blush as he looked at his completely naked master.

"The kilt!" said Dean in a bratty voice, unfitting for his 25 year old body.

"O-of course, master"

Castiel dashed to the other side of the room then back again and knelt at Deans feet. He couldn’t help but glance at Deans’ body from this angle. He held the finely woven kilt near the ground at Dean’s feet and waited for him to step in. once he did, Cas raised the kilt and took his time pulling it up.

"Hurry up!"

Cas said nothing but raised the kilt to Dean’s hips quickly. Cas stood back and examined his master. Dean was quite muscular, and not as tanned as most, but still brown. His mostly white and gold kilt sat low on his hips and came down to his knees. Cas’ eyes lingered.

"Will you be wanting to bathe, master?" asked Cas, once a moment had passed.

"After my breakfast, I think today"

And Cas forwarded out without another word, but with an obvious frown on his face.